Thursday, October 22, 2009

Star Trek XII Rumors

There have been a bunch of new rumors for the new film that Abrams will be producing -- most likely -- and possibly directing -- less likely -- but we'll see. At this point most of the rumors are focusing on the development of the story.

And here's what we have learned so far.

There is life for William Shatner in Star Trek XII though the talks are only preliminary, it seems like Abrams would like to find a role for the original captain in the sequel.

Though it seems like there will not be role for Leonard Nimoy.

Also, there is some talk among the writers about developing some of the secondary characters like Uhura and Chekov though who knows what will come of it.

And we are hearing a lot less of the idea that Khan will make another big screen appearance which I think is a great thing. Khan was fantastic, but come on, let's tell some new stories.

So, that's where we are with some of the Star Trek XII (though some are calling it Star Trek II?) rumors. More to come soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Star Trek DVD Out November 17

This has been quite a wild ride. After five years without any Star Trek whatsoever, we are now primed for the release of the Star Trek (2009) DVD in just a few weeks. And, obviously, I am pretty excited.

Among the more interesting elements that the new DVD (and Blu-Ray) will possess will be several deleted scenes, including some more footage of Kirk with the Orion girl, as well as J.J.'s feature commentary. I am also hearing that Paramount is prepping the film for a run at some Oscars, though, honestly, I am not sure where they are heading with that.

I mean, as much as I loved the movie, I don't really think that Star Trek is Oscar worthy except maybe for the special effects. You can pre-order the DVD on Amazon right now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Star Trek Prime Spock

As I have talked about before on this blog, I love Star Trek. I am a huge fan and have been so for about twenty years. Probably my favorite part of the new Star Trek movie was the appearance by old friend Leonard Nimoy who really delivered for me with his performance despite his advanced age. I really like seeing Spock (Prime) interact with Kirk (2.0) and it just made for a lot of good fun.

Of course there were questions. But I have realized that this new Star Trek is not going to be about hard line scifi it is going to be about adventure and intrigue plain and simple. So viewing it in that light I did not have much of a problem with the way that they handled the character or the techniques that they used in explaining the time travel element of the story. All in all, I enjoyed Leonard Nimoy quite a bit in the new Star Trek.

What did you think? Did you enjoy another visit from Old Spock in Star Trek?

Waiting for more Star Trek News

Okay, so here is what I am hearing as far as the next Star Trek movie goes. First the writers, the same guys who wrote Star Trek (2009) are bandying ideas around for the script. They probably are even at the stage where they have written an outline for the new movie. And I admit I do have a lot of faith in these guys after they delivered so marvelously on Star Trek. However, some other things do give me pause?

I am hearing that it is completely possible that Khan may be brought back to life to star in the next movie! I can't say that I think that this is good news. I believe that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was one of the best Star Trek films ever made and I think they should leave well enough alone on this one.

What do you think? Should Khan be in the next Star Trek movie?

I love Star Trek

I love Star Trek. Okay, I admit that that statement may make me a little bit dorky but I am prepared to accept it. Sure my Star Trek fever had been dieing down after Star Trek: Nemesis sucked the last breaths of life out of my Trekkieness, and I gave up being a Trekkie for a while. But, once J.J. Abrams got his hands on the USS Enterprise I knew Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and friends were coming back in a big way.

I have seen the movie three times and I am totally stoked about the DVD release in the fall. I am hearing great things about the features that the DVD will have and I can't say that I have ever been more excited for a Star Trek DVD release.

If you are just as excited as me leave a comment!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Star Trek Breaks $250 Million

Well, the new Star Trek movie has exceeded even my boldest expectations. While I liked the film very much, I especially thought that Chris Pine as Kirk was stellar, I never could have guessed that the film would have breached the $250 million mark. So where does this leave the Star Trek franchise?

I would say it leaves the flagship franchise in very good shape. A new Star Trek script has already been commissioned and early word is old friend Khan might be involved. I don't think that this is the best idea, but I have faith in J.J. Abrams. So, I will withhold judgment on any Star Trek sequel ideas at the time being.

The other thing I was quite impressed with with this Star Trek's box office take is the strength of the foreign box office receipts. Star Trek has never been a huge hit internationally and I have been a little bit surprised at the strength that the movie has shown overseas. Sure, it wasn't an international smash like Transformers, but I think that its international take is the best ever for a Star Trek film. So I was quite pleased with that.

I will be back with Star Trek news and takes as they become available.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Star Trek Opens May 8!

I am so excited. Not only is there a new Star Trek coming out in a few weeks, but it looks great. I really think that it needs to be a big hit. The rumor is that it cost something like one hundred and fifty million dollars which would the most (by far) ever spent on a Star Trek flick.

J.J. Abrams is the man behind the motion picture and that is encouraging even though he doesn't claim to be a very big Star Trek fan. I guess that is okay. After all Bryan Singer wasn't a big X men fan before that franchise and things turned out okay there. But Abrams has been solid in television with Lost etc. I don't know much about his other feature films, but he has a good sense of scope and seems to understand sci-fi.

The question in my mind is does he respect the characters and the history. First Captain Kirk is just a cool character and no one who is movie savy would disrespect his legacy in any way especially in a Star Trek movie. Kirk is pretty much a golden character and as captain of the Enterprise he captivated the imagination of geeks everywhere. We can only hope that Chris Pine does as well as William Shatner even though that is a tough bridge to hurdle.

Over all I am superpsyched and will be there when the new trek opens on May 8. Check back here as I will have my reviews!